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AP® Review

• Series

Fortnightly AP Biology Review

Next session on Dec 9, 2022

Hosted by Ragad S

Series Details


We will meet for an hour every two weeks to go over the most important points in the different AP Biology units. Each unit will be divided into two sessions. The sessions will start with a quick review of and/or a question about some of the topics discussed in the previous session(s) followed by a discussion of the concepts and topics in the particular unit assigned for that week. Then, we will do some practice questions and a Q&A (questions are also welcome anytime during the session). Advice on how to approach test questions and tips for studying for the AP biology test will be incorporated throughout our sessions.

Qualification: I self-studied for the AP Biology exam and took it in May 2022. I got a score of 5. I currently take the AP biology course at my school (which it only started to offer this year).

Resources I use:

I will depend on a variety of resources, but the ones I will use most heavily will probably be:

- Campbell, biology in focus 3rd edition

- Princeton Review AP Biology Premium Prep 2022 ( I use the older version for practice questions so that students who plan to use the Princeton Review 2023 book to review in April would not have been exposed to the questions before).

- 5 Steps to a 5 500 Questions to Know by Test Day

I have not added all sessions yet. I will add all sessions in the next week or two!


For the greatest benefit, students are highly encouraged, but not required, to attend all sessions. You are welcome to join at any point during our course.


November 25 - December 30


8 / 40

Total Sessions


About the Tutor

Upcoming Sessions


Session 3

AP Biology

Unit 4 (part II)

I'm doing it again for those who couldn't attend the first time! The other dates are unchanged.

We will cover sections 4.5 through 4.7.

We will discuss positive and negative feedback mechanisms and some of their important examples. We will review the stages of the cell cycle, focusing on mitosis. We will also review how the cell cycle is regulated and the effects of disruptions to the cell cycle.


Session 4

AP Biology

Unit 5 (part I)

In this session, we will revise 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3. The topics we will discuss are are meiosis and how meiosis and sexual reproduction result in genetic diversity. We will also start with heredity, discussing Mendelian genetics.


Session 5

AP Biology

Unit 5 (part II)

In this session, we will cover sections 5.4,5.5, and 5.6. We will continue discussing inheritance. We will revise non-Mendelian genetics, including linked genes, sex-linked traits, and poly genetic traits. We will also talk about the environmental effects on phenotype. Finally, we will talk once again about genetic variation, and we will revise other ideas related to chromosomal inheritance.

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