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Next session on Jan 1, 2023

Hosted by Mridul A

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All the work you have to do, with a small change!

Having people work along with you really boosts your productivity. Studies support this:

Pomodoro techniques do it even further. To add the cherry on top, we have Lofi Music (and hydration reminders). Personally, I love all of these and try to follow them, therefore, I bring to you a series that will have all of these.

You can study, work on your favorite instrument or just relax and crochet. We will have a Pomodoro configuration: 6 sessions of 30 minutes and 5 minutes breaks in between. This series is created to heavily follow the accountability buddy culture (a small google search if you don’t know bout it), though this is completely optional. One can get and be an accountability buddy to another. As we will be meeting every day, there will not be an issue of communication either!

I want this to be an insanely positive and friendly community. Let’s work guys!

PS: More sessions to come.

Tutor Qualifications

Co-working really motivates me :)


You are completely free to attend or skip any session! I have a long term goal so this will be a long series, it's completely optional and you are welcome to stick around and share about yours. You are welcome to join and leave whenever you want.


October 29 - January 1


52 / 75

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About the Tutor

Hi there! I am a senior from India. I like to learn about string theory, black holes, and everything related to astronomy. Also, I have a deep interest in maths. One of my favorite movies is "Three idiots", trust me you won't regret watching it. I have always loved teaching my peers and I certainly try to spark a kind of fun into concepts.

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Upcoming Sessions


Session 38


Let's meet on 1st January and discuss our goals if you are up to it!

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