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College Applications: Progress Sync and Q&As

Hosted by Quinn O

This series ended on December 9, 2021. Any 1:1 and group chats related to this series are disabled 1 week after the last session.

Series Details


Intended Audience: HS seniors applying for undergraduate study, especially those within the U.S.
To help keep each other accountable, each weekly session in this series runs as a "checkpoint" for you to share what you've done so far (or haven't–that's okay!) and questions that other people probably have the answers to. Not sure how the Common Application recommendation system works? Curious on which colleges don't require essays? Chances are someone here has already done the research.
Active engagement is *invaluable* in this series. None of us know everything, but if we compile our overlapping knowledge, we can fill each others gaps. I will serve as a moderator/advisor when appropriate, but how this goes is largely up to you–the applicant! Some sessions may vary if there's something special that I prepare.
NOTE: I understand many people want essay, etc. assistance, but I will discourage this here as: a) writing advice is highly subjective, b) content is often personal, and c) I cannot scale 1-on-1 help in a group series like this. However, I'm happy for everyone to share resources and broad thoughts on how they are doing with their essays!
(Reminder to self: add major deadlines and guests/co-hosts when applicable)

Tutor Qualifications

College freshman at UIUC...for what it's worth; but I won't be doing most of the "teaching" this time–you guys are!


Full flexibility: drop in and out whenever you want. HOWEVER, attending regularly can help keep you accountable by setting routine checkpoints:)


October 27 - December 9


11 / 30

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About the Tutor

(he/him) I'm a college freshman from California majoring in computer science and music who also studies mathematics, composes performance music, and cooks (when not lazy). Topics I'm most comfortable teaching include math from algebra through calculus, SAT, formal/research writing and styling, home cooking, and concert band orchestration/scoring (if we ever branch out enough for those). c: Rev. 7/14/21

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