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AoPS Introduction to Number Theory

Daisy S

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This series ended on March 13, 2022. All 1:1 and group chats related to this series are disabled 7 days after the last session.

Series Details


In this series, we will explore a variety of introductory number theory topics. In each session, we will cover concepts and apply them to practice problems, including those from AMC and AIME. You will be given session slides and homework, in the form of review and challenge problems, to help you further consolidate the knowledge. The content and pacing of this series have been revised and refined based on previous learners’ feedback and the corresponding experience the tutor has gained from the summer series. In addition, its session start time and duration have been adjusted to take into account the school year. Please Note: Having a good grasp of basic algebra techniques, such as solving linear equations and inequalities, is a prerequisite. *Series requested by Angelina, et al.

Tutor Qualifications

- Earned A+ in AoPS Number Theory courses

- Canadian Mathematical Olympiad Qualifier and 2x AIME Qualifier

- Honor Rolls and Invitations for other math contests (such as 2021 Canadian EGMO TST)

- Create proof-based problems for a local math journal, including those related to number theory

- Feedback on Tutor Profile


It is suggested that learners attend every session as concepts will build on each other, though there is no strict attendance policy.


October 3 - March 13


69 / 75

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About the Tutor

Hi! I’m Daisy from Canada. I love to learn by helping others through peer tutoring. I’m a Canadian Mathematical Olympiad (CMO) Qualifier and a 3x AIME Qualifier. I also enjoy creating math problems for a local math journal. I have been playing the viola using the Suzuki music method since the age of 7. I attended a Montessori school from ages 3 to 12, where I benefited from an open, flexible learning environment and began helping younger classmates, following in the footsteps of the older peers who had previously helped me. I’m grateful and excited to be a tutor at!

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