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Study Space Series: Ultimate Productivity :)

Aneesa M

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This series ended on October 7, 2022. All 1:1 and group chats related to this series are disabled 7 days after the last session.

Series Details


Hello! If you wanna be productive and suffer from procrastination (yours truly), feel free to jump in! The idea here is that we combine the idea of study spaces and series! In each session, I'll normally host either two (25, 5) minute pomodoro sessions or one (50, 10) session. As the series progresses, I will continue to add sessions. If for some reason you'd like a separate study space feel free to message me through SHW! Also note that, all of these sessions are optional and you're free to join late or leave early! I just ask that if you register just please attend at least one of the study spaces, thank you! AGAIN, NOTE THAT THIS IS AN ONGOING SERIES AND I WILL CONTINUE TO ADD SESSIONS AS THE SERIES PROGRESSES, THANK YOU :)) EDIT: (IMPORTANT PLEASE READ UNTIL THE END!) First off, I wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR JOINING THIS SERIES! I'm excited to be on a successful productive study journey with you all! It means so much to me that I'm able to stay focused with people around the globe so thank you so so much! Ok so, if you know me, I love hosting these study spaces (as I've repeatedly stated in the past few sentences 😂). But, I feel that study spaces work the most effectively when there's a small group of people working together. In the past sessions I've hosted, I've noticed that sometimes no one or only one person joins. Now, I'm not asking you to attend every single session! Like my attendance requirement states, you're free to join whichever sessions you would like. I completely understand about time zones, scheduling conflicts, etc. A way to combat a few number of participants is having a larger number of registrants for the series. This means that more people are aware of these study spaces (NOT joining every single one, but they will know that the study spaces exist). I was thinking that once at least 15 participants are in the series, it will guarantee at least 2-3 people join each session. Again, I'm not asking you to join each session! I'm just asking that if you could try to spread the word about this series that would be soo unbelievably helpful! It takes time for me to prepare for each study space and I just want to make the best of the time. Until then, I will not be hosting any study spaces. I will schedule them (if I do not, then the series will end), but they will not be open (you will not be able to join them). I hope you guys understand and if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to message me! Thank you so much for all the support :)

Tutor Qualifications

I've completed Pomodoro Sessions independently in the past and they're really helpful for me to focus and get work done!


All sessions are optional! Feel free to join late or leave early. I just ask that if you register for this series please try to attend at least one session a week.


September 12 - September 30


8 / 100

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About the Tutor

Hi there! I’m a high school freshman from Massachusetts who loves learning new things and sharing my knowledge with others. I can help you with Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1, as well as some fun extra-curricular topics like calligraphy, writing, debating, blog-writing, and more. Whether you need help with homework, want to improve your skills, or just want to explore something new, I’m here for you! In my free time, I enjoy running, biking, spending time outdoors, playing soccer, and hanging out with my friends. I’m looking forward to meeting you and learning together!

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