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The power of Trigonometry

Woody W

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This series ended on December 3, 2022. All 1:1 and group chats related to this series are disabled 7 days after the last session.

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Welcome to Trigonometry!!!! This session, I'll be teaching about trigonometry from Right triangles & trigonometry to Non-right triangles & trigonometry every week! But, if you haven't learned Algebra yet then you better get started over there first. And also, this series we'll go over video's for specific details and split it in parts.


Please attend sessions on time since I'll be playing some video's before practice quiz. If you can not attend a session please let me know in the Public Discussion or My Chats. I will only wait 15 minutes in a meeting before ending the session if no one shows up.


September 2 - December 3


91 / 100

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Hi! My name is Wudi. I was born in Canada and I'm living in China. I like drawing, computer programming, crafting, science, soccer, and also play Dungeons & Dragons, but most of all I love animating stickman figure. I've been programming about 5 years and animating these years. I'm here is also to make friends. I can't wait to learn together!

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