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From Marketing to Writing: The Ultimate Writing Course

Hosted by Jil S

This series ended on August 8, 2022. Any 1:1 and group chats related to this series are disabled 1 week after the last session.

Series Details


Throughout this series, I along with your peers and your self motivation, you will be exposed to different forms of writing. You will most certainly improve your writing! You will be proud of it! Also, for those who need support with their books (if you are already working on them), I can meet you and give tailored feedback! Also, we will participate in loads of competitions, for example Young Writers, and I will not TELL you to change something. I will indirectly give you some constructive feedback on your writing so you can excel. You will also get personalized feedback on one of your pieces every week.
- You have to pitch a really terrible product to us and somehow convince us to buy it
- Dragon's Den, The Apprentice, Shark Tank Pitching? Also, I will give you some interesting tips!
- We each write one sentence and then give our writing to someone else to build upon and see the story at the end!
- 60 seconds to write about a random thing
- Quick writes
- Writing a full story (plot, arc, etc.) in under 10 minutes
- Write a story (whole session)
- Generate a random phrase and make a story out of it
- Generate a random first/last phrase and our stories have to start/end with the phrase!
+ A ton more activities to do
The sessions will be tentative on time, as we will play loads of games and stuff every week! It is supposed to be fun! I want you making lifetime friendships.
*I WILL REQUIRE you to send me your best piece of work every week, which I will properly go through and the best pieces of work will be pasted into a "BEST PIECES OF WRITING" word doc, so you can see each other's writing!


You are free to attend/skip whichever sessions you want. But believe me, you'd not want to miss them!


August 2 - August 4


7 / 50

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