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• Series

NEET 101 : Biological Classification

Next session on Aug 11, 2022

Hosted by Kayal J

Series Details


This series will cover the topic of biological classification. The topics range to all the different kingdoms in the biological world. The series will be helpful to anyone interested in this topic but it s cherry on the cake if you are interested in NEET as well!
NOTE: The amount of sessions after the orientation, along with the topics discussed in these sessions, is tentative. Please check the series description regularly to stay up to date.

Tutor Qualifications

Hello everyone! I am a grade 11 student majoring in Science and I am greatly interested in learning and tutoring Biology!


You are free to attend/ skip whichever sessions you want.
The sessions are not directly related to each other. However attending all the sessions would give you the best learning outcome.
If you missed a session you wanted to attend , you can always put it up in chat and we can discuss that.


August 8 - August 11


10 / 20

Total Sessions


About the Tutor

Hello all,🙌 I am a high school student currently in grade 11 (CBSE curriculum). I love learning things but sharing what I learn is even better. So I am here to learn, create and most importantly have some fun! If you find my sessions fruitful, please do consider joining them.

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Upcoming Sessions


Session 2


In this session we will discussing on our first Kingdom, Kingdom MONERA and PROTISTA
We will talk about
- Characters of Monera and Protista
- Bacterial Life Processes
- Reproduction
- Types of Monera and Protista - Solve a few MCQ's along the way!

Public Discussion

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