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Get Ready for Geometry!

Arushi G

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This series ended on July 27, 2022. All 1:1 and group chats related to this series are disabled 7 days after the last session.

Series Details


We will go through the Khan Academy Get Ready for Geometry course ( )! This series is meant for students taking Geometry this upcoming school year! The pacing of the series may change as the series begins. Some units may take longer than I anticipated while others may be shorter. I will adjust the series based on this. Camera/microphone participation is not required, but I do recommend that you actively participate to gain the most out of this series. NOTE: As of right now, the unit tests will not be done as part of the series. Instead, I will host office hours for each unit. I do recommend attempting the unit tests on your own time. This may change in the future based on learner preference!


I recommend attending all content-based sessions, but I will not remove you if you skip sessions.

However, the orientation session is required for everyone.

If you have a conflict, please feel free to message me!


June 24 - July 27


11 / 15

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About the Tutor

Hi! I am a rising Junior in Georgia! I love learning and enjoy teaching others! I mainly tutor math topics ranging from SAT Math to Pre-Algrebra

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