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Khan Academy Get ready for composite and inverse functions

Next session on Jul 4, 2022

Hosted by Ishita P

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Hii!! In this series, we're going to go over how functions are not only like magic teleporters, but also a lot like slime. We're going to work on stretching, scaling, and flipping functions. Then we're going to figure out how the magic teleporters can work in reverse too! At the end of this series, we will do the unit test.
This series is a good fit for you if you're looking to build on what you previously learned on functions or looking to take a Precalculus course in the near future and want to get a headstart on this unit(
Lastly, note: I'll be adding more sessions as we go on, and for more catch-up sessions: just ask!


Only our sessions about new content are required—all catch-up sessions are optional. If you complete the unit test early and show it to me, then you are also free to end the series early!


June 25 - July 24


4 / 10

Total Sessions


About the Tutor

Hi everyone! My name's Ishita, and I'm looking forward to learning from all of you! In my spare time, I like doing cool math problems, art, reading, coding random things terribly, playing football(soccer if you're American) and basketball, debating with my friend about stuff that makes no sense, making up silly stories and learning new things. I love to learn and talk about anything science-y so hope to see you around!

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Upcoming Sessions


Session 4

Composite and inverse functions

We'll review some key concepts and practice problems in the unit, Get ready for composite and inverse functions. This will include:
- reviewing what we learned last time,
- learning about squishing and stretching functions,
- learning about how these things can be used together(transformation),
- and more practice problems again :)

Session 5


OPTIONAL - Catch-up session! Join to review foundational concepts that are important for understanding this unit, and go through any questions you might have about previous sessions.

Session 6


Get ready for composite and inverse functions unit test! Today, you'll get a chance to take a shot at the unit test ( on your own. Leave the session as soon as you’re finished, or feel free to stick around to go over your questions about the test.

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