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📈Introduction to Macroeconomics📈

Raisa R

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This series ended on July 29, 2022. All 1:1 and group chats related to this series are disabled 7 days after the last session.

Series Details


Hi everyone! During this series, we will cover all of the chapters of notes I have that will dive deeper into the main concepts that make up macroeconomics as a whole. After every session, I will attach the link to the presentation that we used during the session. This is in case you want to take a look at the information again or for anyone who has joined the series later on. However, it is still expected of you to attend sessions. Please look at the attendance policy to ensure you won't be at risk of being withdrawn. This series is mainly for anyone who is planning on taking AP Macroeconomics in the future (or high school students) or if you have any interest/want to gain some foundational knowledge in economics in general. I will change the sessions and content as needed to try to fit the curriculum as best as I can. If you're still not sure if this applies to you or not, feel free to attend a few sessions and see if the content will be any use to you. If you find that this series will no longer be helpful, then you can unregister. Main sessions (or meetups) will occur every Tuesday and Thursday at 8 PM and I will be hosting office hours on Wednesday (I have it for 8-8:30 PM but it can realistically occur at any time just message me to request a certain time along with timezone), just in case anyone missed a session and would like an explanation of the information I have gone over, needs any clarification, wants extra resources, etc. Meetup times will not change. You can either come from 8 PM EST - 9 PM EST or 9 PM EST - 10 PM EST. If these timings don't work for you, message me and we can work out a solution. If you decide to come from 9-10 PM EST, let me know beforehand. If you have any questions during the session and didn't have the chance to ask it during the actual session, I always wait at the end of the session just in case anyone has any questions. It's encouraged to attend every session since each chapter does build upon the previous chapter's information. Communication is a common theme I like to emphasize so please please communicate if you have questions, comments, or concerns. Here is the link to a google document I made that links to every single presentation that we cover this series:

Tutor Qualifications

I took this course during the 2022 Spring Semester and passed successfully with an A! I will be utilizing notes from that class to teach the sessions.


As far as the attendance policy, it is completely okay to miss session if you have other obligations preventing you but any learners that miss more than 2 weeks worth of sessions and any long-term inactive learners will be withdrawn to make room for others. If the scheduled sessions do not fit within your schedule, please visit me during office hours or message me privately so I can accommodate you to fit your needs.


June 10 - July 29


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Hey, my name is Raisa!

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