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The Philosophy of Decision-Making

Gabi T

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This series ended on July 14, 2022. All 1:1 and group chats related to this series are disabled 7 days after the last session.

Series Details


Do you enjoy thinking about what it means to "think"? Or thinking about why you decided to think instead of deciding not to think? Then you might think it might be a good idea to read on... This is meant as a philosophy series -- that is, it does not try to be useful in every-day life; rather, we'd be looking at a number of ideas about decision-making, knowledge, science, and so on, simply for the joy of thinking about these things. And because I really hate monologuing, my plan is to pick a bunch of topics and have each learner do a short 10-minute presentation on a topic (or more if you wish so, by all means!), so that we can all learn from one another. Some topics I'd like to cover: What does it mean to know something, and how do we acquire knowledge? What is information theory and what does it say about acquiring knowledge? And once you acquire knowledge, how can you make good decisions based off of it? What does it mean for a decision to be good anyway? And how could we possibly connect all of this to the Baron Münchhausen, Sleeping Beauty, and the Ugly Duckling? (hint -- Google each of these three together with the keywords "wiki" and "philosophy")

Tutor Qualifications

I started a PhD in machine learning which I never finished (but was it a good decision to not finish it? (what is a decision?)). Also starte a PhD minor in theoretical neuroscience (which I did finish), and I have also worked as a machine learning researcher and data scientist.


If you do commit to making a short 10-minute presentation on a topic, please please do make it, and attend the session in which you're supposed to deliver it, and please be prepared to both deliver it and answer questions on the topic. I will be happy to help at every single stage.


July 7 - July 14


19 / 30

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I'm a data scientist / ML engineer / entrepreneur who has been greatly helped by math and programming all throughout his career and I'm happy to share everything I know with anyone.

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