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SAT Math HARD: Mini Session Series

Next session on May 21, 2024

Aadya S and Ayodeji A

Series Details


Public Discussion

Series Details


We will be solving the hardest SAT Math questions from every domain.
30 minute sessions (can be extended as per learners' needs)

  • Desmos (SAT version)
  • Scratch paper
  • Pen/ Pencil

Note that these sessions can be slightly fast- paced. Also, communication and active participation is highly suggested. The tutor can only know about your questions if you communicate with them.


Please message me if you can't attend my session due to some reason. Tutors spend a substantial amount of their time in gathering material and prepping for their sessions. It is very disappointing to see learners not join after all the work a tutor does for the sessions.


April 21 - May 22


102 / 150

Total Sessions


About the Tutors

A high school student from India, planning to learn (maybe even teach!) various topics, primarily calculus. An SAT aspirant.

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I am a software engineer trainee and recent high school graduate who enjoys science. I am also an avid volunteer who enjoys giving back to my community. I am delighted to be here to assist future scientists, technologists, and innovators in grasping academic topics. You can check out my certifications and see if you need help on those topics.

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Upcoming Sessions


Session 8

SAT Math

Miscellaneous Questions

Session 9

SAT Math

Bluebook practice test 6
  • M2 Math
  • Live test solving
  • Accepting answers using the chat/poll
  • Marking tougher questions for review
  • Test taking strategies


Session 10

SAT Math

Miscellaneous questions

Public Discussion

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