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SHW Camp 2022: World History Timeline Project

Next session on Aug 16, 2022

Hosted by Jacob H

Enrollment for this series has closed.

This series is part of Schoolhouse Summer Camp. Explore Summer Camp

Series Details


History is the study of past events. A timeline is a graphic representation of what happened over a period of time through a line.
As a history nerd myself, I had an idea for a Schoolhouse 2022 summer camp where as a team, we work together and create a timeline of everything that happened in history since he beginning of time recorded.
If you love history or you are a creative person, you are welcome to join. Other than that anyone that wants to is welcome to join and help out making this timeline, but please do take note that by joining, you are agreeing that you will somewhat help with creating the timeline.
This camp will be based on discussion and teamwork, as a team we will create this timeline, therefore I will provide minimal instruction as possible. We will discuss all the logistical information including the software we will use to create the timeline in our first session.
This project will aim to finish on July 23rd, Saturday. We will be aiming to meet at least three times during the process of this project.
I am really excited to go through the process of creating a timeline illustrating world history with you all, I hope you all find this interesting and join too.
Excited to work with y'all :)))))


If you cannot make it to a session, then please let me and the rest of the team know you will be absent. If you have three unexcused absences, then you will be kicked from the camp.


June 28 - August 20


21 / 50

Total Sessions


About the Tutor

Hi, my name is Jacob and I am 17 years old, I am currently in 11th grade undertaking the IB diploma program year 1. I am currently located in Beijing because of my parents work, I attend an international school in Beijing so my english is pretty much fluent, even though I live in Beijing doesn't mean I am Chinese, I am from the US (Virginia & California). Anyways, I offer tutoring courses on Mandarin Chinese, Computer Science, and some topics in math. Hope to meet y'all some day :)

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Upcoming Sessions


Session 8


Standard project check-in meeting:
- Discuss how we are doing in terms of progress
- Give feedback to one another
- Set our next steps in terms of roles of the project

Session 9


- Share the process we each had in completing this project
- A group exhibition on checking out the finished timeline
- Final goodbyes and hopefully forever-longing friendships :)

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