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SAT Geometry and Trigonometry

Next session on May 25, 2024

Jack D

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Series Details


***This series is a repeat of my previous series, You are welcome to attend if you were in the previous series, but the material will be the same***

This 10-class series will cover everything you need to know to tackle Geometry and Trigonometry questions on the SAT. We will go over all of the topics needed for the exam, and work through practice problems on related topics. Here are the topics we will go through: Week 1: Lines and Angles: Week 2: Triangles I Week 3: Triangles II Week 4: Circles I Week 5: Circles II Week 6: Coordinates Week 7: Area and Volume Week 8: Trigonometry I Week 9: Trigonometry II Week 10: Problem Solving


If you missed the first session(s), it’s fine to join in the middle of the series. If space fills up, I will add more room. If you are only interested in specific topics we are covering, you can just drop in for those.


April 6 - June 8


73 / 150

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About the Tutor

Hi, I'm Jack! I tutor for the SAT test, for AP exams (BC Calc, Biology, Physics C, Computer Science), and basically any math from prealgebra to BC Calculus and beyond (Linear algebra, multi, group theory, discrete math). I can also help with AMC-level competition math. As for credentials, I got a 1600 on the SAT (April 2023), a 9 on AIME,

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Upcoming Sessions


Session 8

SAT Math

Trigonometry I: - Unit circle - Definitions - Pythagorean triples

Session 9

SAT Math

Trigonometry II: - Special right triangles - Similar triangles

Session 10

SAT Math

Review and Problem Solving - General tips - Lots of practice problems!

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