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Computer Science • Series

APCSA Review

Next session on Apr 20, 2024

Krishna Y

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Series Details


I plan on doing six weeks of review, 2 AP units a week, and doing a full review on the last week before the exam. There will be weekly assessments with AP MCQs that relate to the units we go over and previous ones just to keep things fresh. I also plan on having an FRQ a week (after the first session because there isn't enough content within the first two units).

The first 45-50 minutes of every session will be a lecture format where I go over a presentation and also code out some examples. The remaining time will be spent on the assessments and practice problems.

I'm also open to hosting office hour sessions if those are necessary.


Attendance is optional; attend whatever you need to review! You could join only for the lecture or only for the assessments if you'd like as well.


March 29 - May 4


12 / 20

Total Sessions


About the Tutor

I'm a college freshman in California, joining to teach math and computer science stuff because I love to :)

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Upcoming Sessions


Session 5

AP Computer Science

Units 6, 7, & 8
Major Topics:
  • Arrays
  • Arraylists
  • 2D Arrays
  • Sorting, Searching
  • Algorithms with arrays

Session 6

AP Computer Science

Units 9 and 10, Inheretence and Recursion
Major Topics:
  • Subclasses and Superclasses
  • Method overrides
  • Polymorphism
  • Recursive Searching + Sorting

Session 7

AP Computer Science

Exam Review

Public Discussion

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