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Biology • Series

College Course Support: Intro to Biology

Next session on Apr 21, 2024

Ariana N and Amisha V

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Series Details


This series was created for students at Worcester State University.

This series will cover the topics in BI-101 (Intro to Biology), which may include the following based on student interest: genetics, evolution, disease, plant/animal diversity, and more!

This series is cohosted by Ariana and Amisha,.
Ariana: Biology is one of my favourite subjects, so I'm very excited to participate in this program and get to know all of you!


If a session is scheduled in response to your question, notify the tutor beforehand if you can't make it.

Otherwise, attend whichever sessions you feel would be useful to you.


March 23 - May 16


2 / 50

Total Sessions


About the Tutors

Hi! I'm a high school student who loves listening to music, reading, baking, and crocheting. I'm currently taking a variety of AP classes so if you want to review any topics, I'm happy to host a session to study together!

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I am a high school student from Singapore. I enjoy giving back to the community in my free time, which is why I am interested in joining Schoolhouse as a tutor. I am also very interested in Biology and Chemistry.

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Upcoming Sessions


Session 4

Evolution and natural selection

Ariana will be covering evolution and natural selection. Feel free to stop by if you have any questions or would like to review the topics!

Session 5

Interactions in ecosystems

Ariana will be covering ecology (biodiversity, biomes, ecosystem, biosphere, climate change, etc). Feel free to stop by if you have any questions or would like to review the topic!

Session 6

Office Hours

*Date and time not finalized yet*
This is the last session, and a chance to ask any last questions or to give feedback.

Public Discussion

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