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Reading and Writing • Series

AP Lit Mega-Review

Next session on Apr 22, 2024

Mariana M

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Series Details


Each week, we'll go over 1-2 components of the AP English Literature exam to help you feel as confident as possible! We'll be going over how to find your own magic formulas for essays, different ways to analyze prose & poetry, as well as personalized strategies for the MCQ section. AP Lit is a difficult class with a (considerably even more) difficult exam–there's no doubt about it. However, I wholeheartedly believe anyone can succeed if they dedicate themselves, even if literature may not be your cup of tea :,)


Please message me if you are planning to skip a session so that I can send you any materials/documents we used that specific day. You will not be withdrawn for unexcused absences unless the sessions are fully booked.


March 21 - April 29


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About the Tutor

Hi! My name is Mariana, but I usually go by Mari :) I'm a junior in a dual enrollment-specialized high school and my SAT score stands within the 99th percentile. Over my time in the American school system, I've learned that improvement is always possible as long as you understand what works for you and how to take full advantage of your resources. I adore pre-20th century literature, as well as philosophy. I hope that by being here I may help others in all academic endeavors!

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Upcoming Sessions


Session 10

English Exams

Today we'll be working on a full(ish) practice test. I will create the assessment utilizing about 30 MCQ questions and all 3 essay prompts. However, you will not need to write the full essays. You'll only be writing down your thesis, claims, evidence groups, and potential sophistication point shots (extended metaphors/tensions/broader contexts) as if you were planning the essays. Please do not search up the answers to the questions! You'll more than likely find them, but that won't help you when I ask about your thought process and/or mix up the questions. More importantly, that won't help you succeed by any means. Just a heads up :)

Session 11

English Exams

Today we'll be reviewing your practice tests! We'll run through what went well, what went wrong, and how confident we feel as of now. If any of you would like to schedule extra mini-sessions, we can discuss that now.

Session 12

Other Topics

Closing session! Today will only serve to discuss final pointers and words of encouragement :) You all have worked so hard for your goals; I'm more than confident in your abilities!

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