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[Summer Camp 2022] Perspective from scientists' viewpoint

Next session on Jul 2, 2022

Hosted by Jennifer J

This series is part of Schoolhouse Summer Camp. Explore Summer Camp

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So many scientists shaped today's world. Some of which we have studied in schools or learned in books. But we hardly understand science from their perspective. How did they start?
They were pioneers that struggled to prove their theories. So in this series, we can discuss science from their perspective. How were they discovered? What were the struggles? We will discuss the young and old discoveries. Not only their works but sometimes their life alone are so inspiring that it will be a shame if we gloss over them. Hence, in some sessions we will about their early life, education and their life beyond work.
Occasionally, we will discuss findings that won a noble prize or questionable ethics/practices that led to some of the most significant discoveries.
All are welcome !!! There will be a very lively discussion at the end of each session when we will discuss ethics and why it gained popularity or not? We will discuss its potential use in the future.
Note: New sessions will be added as the series progress. Each session will have a different context so, you can join in any of the sessions.
Also, I am looking for tutors/learners who will cohost with me or present their favourite topics in some sessions.


No mandatory attendance.


June 11 - July 16


57 / 75

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About the Tutor

I am an MS graduate (majored in Biological Sciences). At schoolhouse, I mostly tutor in biology; a subject most people would find as factual rather logical. I hope as a tutor in biology I could help find the logic behind the facts. In my spare time, I like to dribble with words or doodle with a pen. I am glad to be a part of the Schoolhouse community. I met so many amazing people and hope to see you in one of my sessions/series.

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Upcoming Sessions


Session 4

Community Events

Well, this is going to be debate session: Is the genome editing boon or bane ? ( This is related to the scientific discovery that we discussed in previous session)

Session 5

Community Events

We will talk about Charles Babbage: His life and inventions. He is considered as the 'father of the computer.' But we will discuss whether this title is appropriate or not at the end !!

Session 6

Community Events

Who was Sir Isaac Newton and did an apple really dropped on him ?

Public Discussion

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