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ACE the DSAT Math Section (MAY + JUNE Test-Takers): A Perfect Scorer's Guide to an 800 on the Math Section!

Deniz G

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This series ended on April 28, 2024. All 1:1 and group chats related to this series are disabled 7 days after the last session.

Series Details


Are you looking to score high on the math section of your next SAT (May/June)? Look no further. In this interactive series, we will go through each of the 4 domains of the DSAT Math Section (Algebra, Advanced Math, Problem-Solving and Data Analysis, and Geometry and Trigonometry). We will discuss tips and strategies and practice the content through REAL SAT QUESTIONS to improve your SAT math score to its highest.

Qualifications: I scored an 800 Math on the December 2023 US SAT and hope to help you guys reach your target score as well!

Here's how the series will be structured:

Each week will have 2 75-minute long sessions. In each session, we will spend some time practicing and learning concepts through questions.

At the end of each session we will take a timed test on the topic. Afterwards, we will use the remaining time to go over the mini-test.

During the course, a "mid-term" assessment will be conducted to review all the material covered thus far. Upon reaching the conclusion of the series, a "final" test will be administered to assess our progress and address any remaining questions.

I will conduct office hour sessions at regular intervals to provide an opportunity for questions and to review specific problems if you have any.

Hope to see everyone there!


Please do not miss more than 2 consecutive sessions without telling me so, as that will negatively affect your learning. If you have to miss the session, please contact me in advance and submit an absense using the "Submit Excused Absence" button on the series page and we can try to setup office hours. If you reach two unexcused absences, I may remove you from this series.


March 9 - April 28


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About the Tutor

Hi! My name is Deniz and I am currently a junior in high school. I enjoy math, science, computer science, and engineering. I hope to learn and tutor those who need it!

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