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Calculus • Series

AP Calculus BC exam study group

Dylan P

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This series ended on May 12, 2024. All 1:1 and group chats related to this series are disabled 7 days after the last session.

Series Details


Do you want to succeed on the AP Calc BC final exam? If so (which will probably be quite a few of you), this series is a great opportunity to make sure you are prepared. You can join this class at any time.

Every week, we will start with a review of some topic, then go through a few practice problems from the AP test (both multiple-choice and free response), and then end with challenging problems to work through together.

Here's the BC curriculum for reference (# of sessions are approximate):
1. Limits and continuity (1 session)
2: Differentiation definition and fundamental properties (1 session)
3: Differentiation: Composite, implicit, and inverse functions. (1 session)
4: Contextual applications of differentiation (1 session)
5: Analytical applications of differentiation (1 session)
6: Integration; accumulation of change (2 sessions)
7: Differential equations (2 sessions)
8: Applications of integration (3 sessions)
9: Parametric Equations, Polar coordinates, and vector functions (3 sessions)
10: Sequences and series (3 sessions)

Come to office hours for 1-1 or extra tutoring.



You are free to attend/skip whichever sessions you want.


January 28 - May 12


40 / 40

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About the Tutor

I'm a high school student from California and I joined schoolhouse because I would like to get certified for entry-level tutoring.

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