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SAT Math Mastery - Complete Guide to 800's from a Perfect Scorer

Next session on Feb 29, 2024

Abhay D

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Series Details


In this series we'll cover every single topic, going through personalised practice problems and DIGITAL SAT exam-style questions, from 500-600s to 750+


Please do not miss two sessions in a row, and message the tutor beforehand if you are not able to attend


February 1 - February 29


116 / 150

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About the Tutor

Yo! It's Abhay D 😉 , your chill math guru with a passion for Maths and Physics: A high school senior with a perfect SAT score and owner of non-profit "Quantum Minds" Physics Academy. 🙃 🌠I'm glad to be part of this wondorous community😃, where I can teach what I know, and learn what I don't! Have been tutoring for over 3 years externally, while enjoying a range of activities like computer science 💻⭐, design tech, and a bit of competitive problem solving as well! Armed with a smile and an arsenal of math puns, I can teach in a wide bredth from basic Trignometry 📐and Algebra ➗➕ to complex definite and indefinite integrals! Off-duty, you'll catch me exploring new problem-solving strategies, diving into a good book, or occasionally attempting to bake the perfect pi(e). Get ready to fall in love with math, one equation at a time, with your boy Abhay D. leading the way! 📚✨

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Session 8


Review of challenging topics from dSAT, with 780+ Score Range Exam Practice!

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