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SAT MATH run down: problem based learning from a 750+ scorer. Getting you to the top 1%

Next session on Mar 1, 2024

Hassan A

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Series Details


Hello! this will be a prep series going over digital and paper(since there aren't many digital) SAT problems. I'll be going over the more challenging topics that need more knowledge to do then just using Desmos.

Since there wont be much lecture time or fundamental algebra review, its recommended you join if your scoring above ~650+, thought feel free to join if your score is lower than this, it may just be a bit faster than other sessions.

These sessions are subject to change depending on what students need help with.

First class : We will be going over all types of circle problems. (mostly circle eq.)

Second class : DSAT problem that test over quadratics.

Third class : Try to cover as much trigonometry and geometry.

Fourth class : Statistics and probabilities


You should probably show up to every session as you might learn something new. If you cant though, no worries


February 1 - March 4


196 / 200

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About the Tutor

I got a 750 EBRW and 770 math score on the paper SAT

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Upcoming Sessions


Session 5

SAT Math

Statistics & probability, along side any questions you would like to go over.

Session 6

SAT Math

Review class #1: Going over core topics ive taught and practice problems.

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