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Computer Science • Series

Understanding Savings and Budgeting - Advancing Financial Literacy through Programming

Next session on Mar 3, 2024

Nikita A

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Series Details


This series will cover what savings and budgeting mean and its importance in personal finance. Students will also learn how to visualize, in Python, the relationship between savings and expenditure as well as the relationship between budget and income. Students will discuss what they have learned and how these concepts apply in their daily life.

Tutor Qualifications

Nikita has been coding since middle school and has taken advanced computer science courses at her high school. She is passionate about applying programming to solve real life problems and is interested in the intersection between programming and finance.


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February 25 - March 3


5 / 20

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About the Tutor

FinPro World is a student-led non-profit organization committed towards educating students on finance topics through programming in order to instill foundational mathematics and computer science skills combined with sound financial practices that will last for life. We strive to give students the opportunity to explore these areas while enjoying the process - offered through

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Session 2

Other Topics

This session will cover budgeting and how to budget. Students will also learn how to visualize the relationship between budget and income in Python, utilizing more advanced computer science concepts. Students will discuss how to apply budgeting and income in their daily lives.

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