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Pre-Algebra • Series

Pre-Algebra Power Hour Series

Next session on Mar 3, 2024

Aakarsh K

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Series Details


Unlock the world of math with our Pre-Algebra course for middle schoolers! 🌟 Dive into the exciting realm of numbers, equations, and problem-solving in a fun and interactive way.
This bi-weekly Pre-Algebra training will help develop a solid foundation for future math success. Get empowered with essential skills and watch your math confidence soar!

🚀 Limited Seats! Enroll now for a mathematical journey like never before.

📐➕ #PreAlgebraMastery #MathFun

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Well, click this link to experience a whole new world!


Some custom guidelines for this class:

- If you are going to miss a class PLEASE private message me letting me know you are going to be absent. this is very crucial.

- You must be proficient or have a mastery level in 5th grade/standard/class math to understand

- Honesty is the best policy, please be honest in this class with your answers with integrity.


January 7 - April 14


9 / 20

Total Sessions


About the Tutor

Hey! My name is Aakarsh, and I am based on Raleigh, NC. Math is my passion and understand various subjects, including Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Geometry, and I love to teach other people. I found out about this from Khan Academy and AoPS. I hope to make this world fun and full of mathematicians :). I love to play chess, tennis, basketball, and code in my free time as well as robotics.

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Upcoming Sessions


Session 5

Ratios and rates

Using world problems to build proportions and ratios and how to solve them very quickly and identify the placing.

Session 6

Roots, exponents, & scientific notation

How to simplify radicals easily with different methods of solving them and also learning the basics of angles and the advanced version, which will help in trigonometry(later on).

Session 7


How to solve for a circle's area, radius, and circumference and use the formula we know to make even more. We will also learn the Pythagorean theorem and how to easily identify if it is a triplet in seconds.

Session 8


This topic is intimidating but I will make the easier version for you. How to create quadratic equations, how they work, and the FOIL method. (This topic is beneficial as you move onto Algebra I and Algebra II so this is a preview of it).

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