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Geometry • Series

GeoMind Mastery: Complete Guide to High School Geometry

Abhay D

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This series ended on December 7, 2023. All 1:1 and group chats related to this series are disabled 7 days after the last session.

Series Details


Welcome to "GeoMinds Mastery" with Abhay D. —your complete guide to conquering high school geometry.

🔍 Comprehensive Curriculum Coverage
From fundamentals to advanced concepts, we'll explore the entire high school geometry curriculum.

🌐 Interactive Learning
Engage in dynamic discussions, real-world applications, and collaborative problem-solving for an immersive learning experience.

💡 Challenge Yourself
Sharpen your skills with thought-provoking practice questions, going beyond basics to foster critical thinking.

🤝 Community and Collaboration
Join a supportive community to exchange ideas and celebrate progress together.

🌟 Unlock Your Geometric Potential
Whether you're preparing for exams or just fascinated by geometry, let's unlock your full geometric potential together in "GeoMinds Mastery." Get ready for an adventure where every angle tells a story!


Don't miss a sessions out of the series without informance, I want commitment in exchange for the quality sessions that Schoolhouse and I are providing. If you would like to skip the session or are busy, feel free to do so on the condition you shoot me a message directly. Look forward to having you on board GeoMinds!


November 27 - December 7


9 / 15

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About the Tutor

Yo! It's Abhay D 😉 , your chill math guru with a passion for Maths and Physics: A high school senior with a perfect SAT score and owner of non-profit "Quantum Minds" Physics Academy. 🙃 🌠I'm glad to be part of this wondorous community😃, where I can teach what I know, and learn what I don't! Have been tutoring for over 3 years externally, while enjoying a range of activities like computer science 💻⭐, design tech, and a bit of competitive problem solving as well! Armed with a smile and an arsenal of math puns, I can teach in a wide bredth from basic Trignometry 📐and Algebra ➗➕ to complex definite and indefinite integrals! Off-duty, you'll catch me exploring new problem-solving strategies, diving into a good book, or occasionally attempting to bake the perfect pi(e). Get ready to fall in love with math, one equation at a time, with your boy Abhay D. leading the way! 📚✨

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