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Reading and Writing • Series

Madi's Intro to Grammar - Reading and Writing Pilot

English Help Pilot ! and Madi B

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This series ended on January 27, 2024. All 1:1 and group chats related to this series are disabled 7 days after the last session.

Series Details


Do you want to master the basics of grammar and improve your writing skills? If so, join me for a series of fun and interactive tutoring sessions that will cover the essential topics of grammar. You will learn how to use different parts of speech, construct sentences, and express yourself clearly and accurately. Each session will include an objective, content, and exercises to help you practice and reinforce your learning.


Please try to attend as many sessions as you can, if you must miss a session, please message Madi.


November 16 - January 27


15 / 15

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About the Tutors

Hi everyone! This is the English Pilot Help account. Feel free to peruse the sessions, we have lots of different events for you!

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I'm Madi, an American online high school student, and I'm here to learn! I originally came to study for the SAT, but I'm staying both to learn and to teach others in a variety of subjects. If you have any questions about online school (because no, it is not the same thing as homeschool), feel free to DM me! About me: Personality type: INTJ-A (Architect!) Hobbies: urban photography, reading, writing, acting, swimming, listening to music, dancing, and learning languages. And then my personal favorite: perfecting my Aussie accent lol Reading: I like to read the occasional fantasy like Harry Potter, but I really love to read thrillers and horror (one of my favorite authors is Natasha Preston) Writing: I love to write novels, especially dystopian. I just finished my first book! (Any tips on finding motivation to work on the sequel? 😅) Dancing: I love to learn K-pop dances (I'm self-taught, too)! So far my favorite chorus to dance to is Untouchable by Itzy, and my favorite full song to dance to is Watch It by The Boyz. Sugar Rush Ride by TXT was the first one I learned, and Super Lady by (G)-IDLE is my most recently learned. Music: K-pop! I'm a *deep breath* Stay, a P1ece, a Zerose, a MOA, a ToMoon, an Atiny, a Deobi, an Engene, an &heart, an ENNVE, a Luvity, a For X, a Weve, an Army, and a Blink. For people who don't know, that means I'm a Stray Kids fan, a P1Harmony fan, a Zerobaseone fan, a Tomorrow x Together fan, a Oneus fan, an Ateez fan, a The Boyz fan, an Enhypen fan, a One Pact fan, an EVNNE fan, a Cravity fan, an Omega X fan, a Onewe fan, a BTS fan, and a Blackpink fan. (Yeah, it's a lot of names to remember but I get more comebacks to look forward to bc I stan so many groups hehehe) (Also, 6 months ago this list was 6 groups long, I-) Languages: I've tried a lot of languages. In the past I've learned Spanish and Russian for a year and a year and a half, respectively. I've been learning German for over a year, Korean for almost as long, Japanese for over six months, and Mandarin + French for a few months each.

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