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Biology • Series

College-level Medical Immunology - Infection Immunity

Next session on Mar 9, 2024

Dawei S

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Series Details


As suggested by its name, this course is going to be about medical immunology, more specifically infection immunity. In addition to the immunology part, this series is going to dig deep into various infectious diseases. Examples might include 2019-nCoV, Ebola virus, HIV, etc. This would be a rigorous course but doesn't require prior knowledge in immunology. However, it would help if you have any. In addition to the sessions, there would also be seminars, games, practices to help you learn about expertise in this field. After all, it is also a great idea to just immerse yourself in knowledge about immunology. Come and have fun!


Since this would be a rigorous course, it is really important to contact the tutor as soon as possible if you are having problems following.


November 4 - April 27


13 / 50

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About the Tutor

I am a high school student from China, and I am here to help others to master biology. My hobbies include playing piano, playing chess, and swimming. However, what I really like is biology. Getting 5 in AP Bio and A+ in the most challenging level of biology our school offers, I am also a biology tutor that has won gold medals in Bio-Olympiads.

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Session 10

Other Topics

As the session right next to the last one, this session would focus on the clinical diagnostics involving complements. Similarly, we would discuss both physiological reasons and pathological reasons that lead to the abnormal complements level in addition to introducing the complement fixation test and its historical background.

Session 11

Other Topics

The two previous sessions focus on immunological molecules' application in clinical medicine, while this session would shift to cellular examination, which includes those commonly discussed lymphocytes such as T cell and B cell. Of course, I would also introduce the technique used to detech biomarkers on those cells, something that are essential for some diagnostic inferences. Hope you enjoy this session with me!

Session 12

Other Topics

More sessions coming...

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