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AP Chemistry and Beyond- Gaining the Conceptual Understanding

Next session on Dec 10, 2023

Rohan V

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Hello everyone! I'm Rohan, currently a junior in high school. I'm a Chemistry Olympiad National Finalist (one of 1,000 from the US), I got a five on the AP last May, and I tutored AP Chem the entirety of last year. This series will, of course, go over the AP course content- but it won't just be a surface-level overview. I believe the best way to learn something is to truly understand it, and that's what we'll be doing in this series, analyzing in-depth each major topic on the AP exam, not just going over the "what", but more importantly, the "why"- so that by the end, you'll not only be prepared for the AP, but you'll have a holistic understanding of chemical phenomena that will aid you in your future scientific endeavors.


While I highly recommend trying to attend every session in this series, I understand that conflicts happen. Please message me if you will be unable to attend a session.


October 29 - December 10


30 / 30

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I'm a junior in high school and an avid chemistry enthusiast. I'm here to help out anyone wanting review in general chemistry content (including the Chemistry Olympiad, AP Chemistry, and all prerequisite courses). In my free time, I love reading philosophy, playing chess, and hanging out with my dog. I'm excited to be here to help you out!

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AP Chemistry

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