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AP Chemistry-everything you need for a 5

Next session on Dec 4, 2023

Kyle H

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Series Details


Hello, my name is Kyle, and I am a senior in high school. Ending with an A+ in AP chemistry, scoring a 5 on the exam, and having already taught the entire AP Chemistry curriculum to students this summer, you will be in great hands with me as your tutor. This series will go through every single topic in the AP chemistry curriculum, with a great deal of practice throughout. During each meeting, we will go through the content and do some practice AP-style questions. Optional assessments will be given after each lesson, which will help reinforce the skills you learned. At the end of each unit, we will look at a practice AP unit exam to ensure complete mastery of the content.


Please message me if you are unable to attend a session.


September 15 - December 4


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Hello. I am a high school student from New Jersey looking to put my proficiency and passion for advanced math and science to good use by tutoring others and helping others understand the tough concepts in these subjects.

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