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Competitive Physics: Mechanics (Including Olympiad Material)

Next session on Dec 8, 2023

Praneeth O

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Starting from the beginning of Physics, we'll go through all of the topics covered on the first step of the Physics Olympiad, or the F=MA. Topics covered include kinematics, statics, Newton's laws, momentum and energy, oscillations, orbital mechanics, fluids, and elementary dimensions. I'll be going through official F=MA exams after each topic we learn, so there should be tons of potential for active learning!


Please don't miss more than 2 sessions in a row. If you can't make a session, please message me. We'll be moving relatively fast through the material, and if you don't join regularly, there will be gaps in your knowledge.


September 21 - December 8


30 / 30

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About the Tutor

I'm a freshman living in the US. My interests are in Math and Science. If you have any questions, reach out to me and I will definitely answer them. I also like to play volleyball. I look forward to tutoring you!

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Session 11

AP Physics

Kinematics - Analyzing Graphs + Kinematic Equations from Graph

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