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Calculus • Series

The Entire AP Calculus AB Course to ACE the Exam

Bhavya S

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This series ended on October 7, 2023. All 1:1 and group chats related to this series are disabled 7 days after the last session.

Series Details


Hello everyone! In this series we are going to go through EVERY single concept and topic that will be tested on the AP Calculus AB exam in May. I will help you understand the topics and provide with multiple practice questions so you can practice and ace the exam! I will give you tricks and tips that helped me get a 5 on the exam last year. I can't wait to start this journey with all of you!


This series is created to help YOU learn the topics in the course. If it seems like a specific session is not worth it for you then feel free to not attend it! But, I completely recommend you to try to attend every session!


September 12 - October 7


28 / 30

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About the Tutor

Hi! I am currently a high school senior. I enjoy learning about science, math, reading, and drawing. I can tutor in any math courses up to Algebra 2, SAT math, AP Calculus AB, AP Statistics. I can also tutor in high school biology, and high school chemistry, AP Biology, and AP Chemistry currently. But I hope to expand my course offerings in the future! I can't wait to meet all of you! I hope to see some of you guys in my courses! Thank you!

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