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Jeremy L

74 upcoming sessions

I am a rising 11th grader. I have a passion for computer science, astronomy, and history. I am joining Schoolhouse to be able to share some of my knoweldge with others who need it the most, while at the same time trying to get help in areas I need help in as well. Science education in the U.S. is really dumbed down and slow, so I taught myself some advanced topics for an 11th grader thanks to how accessible all this information is nowadays, especially Khan Academy! I speak English fluently; read and speak Spanish really well, although I can't speak it too fast because I start stuttering; and a...




Kanav A


50 upcoming sessions

Hey there! I am Kanav, a high school rising junior. Here are the classes I have taken and am comfortable in helping you all at: - Any Math up to Precalculus - Biology & Chemistry - AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science A - SAT Math And here are the classes I am here to learn and will take in my Junior year: - AP Stats - Physics - AP Seminar - AP Lang - APUSH Message me if you need any help :)




Jose Roberto Cossich G

37 upcoming sessions

Hey, my name's Jose, and I'm currently a senior. I'm about the biggest Indie music fan there is, I love 80s movies (John Hughes goat), and reading in my spare time. I enjoy math because it allows me to express myself artistically, and tutor for the mere sake of those aha moments. I've taken Multivariable Calc, Linear Algebra, Real and Complex Analysis, and I'm currently taking AP Physics C.




Ananya B

24 upcoming sessions

Hi! My name is Ananya, and I'm a sophomore in high school in the 24-25 school year. I have a lot of hobbies including track and field, reading, environmental activism, debate, coding, STEM competitions, and my mysterious favorite (robotics). I love classic books (they're practically all I read). My favorite is An Old Fashioned Girl. I'm involved in a lot of organizations. One of the ones I'm most active in is a leadership 4-h program for teens. We work on a lot of capstone projects to help our community. I've gotten a world record related to them. We partnered with one of our sponsor companies...




Shanaya P


16 upcoming sessions

Hey! I'm an 8th-grade student in Ohio with a main focus on competitive math. However, I've also been taking an interest in the sciences and I believe I might need some extra help to get that head start. Hence, me joining Schoolhouse world, to use my math skills to help others, and gain help where I need it. In my free time I love any music really, but specifically playing the piano, singing and listening to Taylor Swift. In addition, I'm a language learning addict, and am in the process of learning Spanish, French and German (and if you're more comfortable in Spanish/French than English, plea...




Anish R

10 upcoming sessions

I am in 7th grade. My favorite subject is mathematics, including high school geometry, and intermediate algebra., I am a Bronze medalist in Russian School of Mathematics National examination, got an Honor Certificate in Math Kangaroo, and secured top 5% position nationwide in the 2020 AMC 8. I am also an avid chess player. I was South Korea's national champion and represented South Korea in Asian Youth Chess Games in 2017 U8. I have also won multiple championships conducted by Bay Area Chess and was ranked 13th in California Chess State Championship in 2019. I enjoy computers and taught Pytho...




Emma F

8 upcoming sessions

Hello! Currently, I tutor Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, geometry, and biology. Feel free to message me at any time for help with these! I hope you learn a lot from my sessions!




Zachary W

6 upcoming sessions

I'm a high school student from New York looking forward to helping others and learning new things. I love learning more about the world around me by the second; as an aspiring anesthesiologist, the fields of maths and sciences around us appeal to me most due to their applicability in the real world, allowing us to progress all around. You can often catch me playing chess (1000 ELO at the moment), watching YouTube (subscriptions include but are not limited to: Dhar Mann, MrBeast, Khan Academy, GMHikaru, The Organic Chemistry Tutor, and many more), and having fun with my family!




Gavin L

5 upcoming sessions

Hello! I am a bubble tea addict who is lucid enough to tutor Pre-Algebra - Geometry and Biology.




Joe H


4 upcoming sessions

Hello! I'm Joe, a high school senior who's homeschooled and has a strong passion for science, technology, engineering, and math. I currently reside in Oregon, USA. I'm glad to be a part of this wonderful community! I'm here to learn what I don't know and teach what I do know! I can tutor in any math topic ranging from pre-algebra to derivatives in calculus, with a particular enthusiasm for geometry and trigonometry. I have also received a score of 790 on the Math section of the SAT, so I'm equipped to help you with SAT Math prep as well. In addition to being a tutor here at Schoolhouse, I se...




Tanish R

3 upcoming sessions

I'm a rising freshman who enjoys math, computer science, and physics as well as countless other technical subjects especially those within STEM.




Doreen L


3 upcoming sessions

I'm a high school student from Connecticut who is here to tutor Geometry and get extra help in core subjects




Yudhish K


2 upcoming sessions

Hi, I’m Yudhish, a high school student who likes math, science, and programming. I'm really excited to be here on schoolhouse and share my knowledge with others! I hope to see you in one of my sessions!




Rahul S


2 upcoming sessions

I'm a recent IB graduate from Singapore and I'm really excited to be a tutor here on! In my free time, I like playing tennis, watching Netflix shows and watching Jeopardy! On SHW, I'm a current moderator of the Chemistry subworld as well as an SAT Bootcamp Guide and Coach. I mainly tutor these subjects, too, but also like helping out in other topics, such as Calculus!




Zuzanna M


2 upcoming sessions

I'm a high school junior who loves math! In my free time, I enjoy reading, playing the saxophone, and spending time with my dogs.




Tanmay G

2 upcoming sessions

I'm a student who likes to help others with school work. My favorite subject is mathematics as it is a lens for us to see the world. I have a great interest in science, specifically physics. I have a passion for policy debate and I have been debating for the past 4 years and have judged a few tournaments. Some other extracurriculars I am involved in are, robotics team and ping pong club. My robotics team partakes in First Robotics Competitions. I hope to share my knowledge and learn a few skills from this website.




Kaleb S


2 upcoming sessions

Hi! I'm Kaleb, and I'm currently a homeschooled high school student. I love math, participate regularly in various math competitions like the AMCs, and I'm always excited to share this love with others! I'm a 4x AIME qualifier and also qualified for USAMO this year. I help coach a middle school competitive math team and often discuss math with others. Some of my hobbies include listening to and making music, reading philosophy, gardening, and photography. Here on, I serve as moderator of the Pre-Calculus Subworld, and was previously a member of the advanced peer review team...




Rushil R

1 upcoming session

I'm a high schooler from Florida. I'm here to prep for the SAT and help students with math.

Medha S

1 upcoming session

Hi! I'm a high school student in India with a keen interest in Mathematics and Chemistry. I already teach Algebra and miscellaneous Problem-Solving to the juniors in my Math program, and have gained a lot of experience in different kinds of exams and their patterns through olympiads. I'm also a classical dancer and an avid reader.




Anishka B

1 upcoming session

I am a rising 9th grader who likes choir, drawing, and cats. I am going to do Algebra 2 in 9th grade and can help out with any math along with reading & writing from previous years. Also, I would like to use this website for future homework help in high school. Some little things about me: My favorite color is any shade or variant of blue. My favorite music genres are K-pop, J-pop, and more. I also love reading. That's all for now, so have a great day or night! ^^

Jackie S

1 upcoming session

I'm a sophomore in California who loves math! Since sixth grade, I've been teaching my school's middle school math team. I've completed AP Calculus BC and Pre-Calculus, so I can help up to these levels. Besides math, my passions include chemistry, dance, and piano.

Gaurish V

1 upcoming session

Hi! I am a student from California and I'm here for the SAT Boot Camp. In my free time, I like playing volleyball, cycling, coding and volunteering at community service events. Additionally I am planning on offering help to students who need assistance with Pre-Algebra and Geometry. I am also available on weekends for additional questions and help!




Brian Z

1 upcoming session

I'm a high school student from California, and I'm excited to be a tutor and share my love for math with other students! I have extensive experience with all high school math and math competitions as well. In my free time, I enjoy music, programming, and playing chess.




Nishchal V

1 upcoming session

Hello, my name is Nishchal, and I am currently a high schooler. Math is my favorite subject, and I enjoy teaching other students math and expanding my knowledge. I'm taking the SAT in August, so I'm looking for more preparation and help on the English section especially to get at least a 1500.



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