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Jeremy L

92 upcoming sessions

I am a rising 11th grader. I have a passion for computer science, astronomy, and history. I am joining Schoolhouse to be able to share some of my knoweldge with others who need it the most, while at the same time trying to get help in areas I need help in as well. Science education in the U.S. is really dumbed down and slow, so I taught myself some advanced topics for an 11th grader thanks to how accessible all this information is nowadays, especially Khan Academy! I speak English fluently; read and speak Spanish really well, although I can't speak it too fast because I start stuttering; and a...




Mengmeng Z


64 upcoming sessions

Hi! Junior here on SHW! I am eager to improve on the subjects I am currently learning. [On Brief Hiatus now until 3/3/2024 - I will be mostly inactive on schoolhouse - Please message me on Slack if it is an emergency]




Joe H


39 upcoming sessions

Hello! I'm Joe, a high school senior who's homeschooled and has a strong passion for science, technology, engineering, and math. I currently reside in Oregon, USA. I'm glad to be a part of this wonderful community! I'm here to learn what I don't know and teach what I do know! I can tutor in any math topic ranging from pre-algebra to derivatives in calculus, with a particular enthusiasm for geometry and trigonometry. I have also received a score of 790 on the Math section of the SAT, so I'm equipped to help you with SAT Math prep as well. In addition to being a tutor here at Schoolhouse, I am...




Rahul S


16 upcoming sessions

I'm a recent IB graduate from Singapore and I'm really excited to be a tutor here on! In my free time, I like playing tennis, watching Netflix shows and watching Jeopardy! On SHW, I'm a current moderator of the Chemistry subworld as well as an SAT Bootcamp Guide and Coach. I mainly tutor these subjects, too, but also like helping out in other topics, such as Calculus!




Prattay B

13 upcoming sessions

Hello! I am a high school student from Massachusetts, and I love studying Mathematics and Biological sciences.




Ragad S

5 upcoming sessions

I am a rising senior who values education and enjoys learning and teaching! I am Jordanian, but I attend an International School in Saudi Arabia. My favorite subject at school is biology though chemistry and math are close seconds. I had a GPA of 4.0 in my junior year including an A+ in Math, which included Algebra II and Calculus. I ranked first in my junior year (my school had about 200 junior students). I have taken the ACT test twice and scored a 34 in the first trial and a 35 in the second. I have a super score of 36! I also self-studied AP Biology in 2022 and scored a 5 on the AP Biolog...




Palash P

3 upcoming sessions

Hey I am Palash. I am a high school student in Georgia.




Dakota J

3 upcoming sessions

I'm a high school student from Oregon who loves to run and do math! I'm here to tutor and help with all things math and science based so join me at any point to learn something you might be struggling with. In my free time, I love to go on runs, computer program, rock climb, and play guitar. Hope to see you in one of my sessions!




Cortni T


3 upcoming sessions

Hey all! I'm Cortni, a junior from Pennsylvania! I'm excited to meet you all and collaborate with you on our learning journeys! A bit about me: I'm an actress, a vocalist, and a pianist; I hold the role of Student Director of the Musical at my school! I participate in Math League, play basketball, and sing in the Chamber Ensemble. I'm a student ambassador and guide at my school, and I've taken college classes both over the summer and through my school. I love learning languages (currently aiming for fluency in French) and I'm passionate about research of any kind. I'm a devoted Christian and...




Cristina G


3 upcoming sessions

Hi! My name is Cristina, and I'm a 10th grade student from the Northeastern United States. I've always loved to help people learn and am so excited to be here!




Nathan K

3 upcoming sessions

I'm a high-school sophomore from Florida and some of my hobbies include swimming, watching TV, and playing chess. I love to help tutor people in math! (from pre-algebra - algebra 2)




Han E

3 upcoming sessions

Hi, I'm a rising senior in high school. I'm here to help you learn, and help myself improve as a tutor in the process.




Hind S


3 upcoming sessions

I'm excited to be a learner & tutor here!




Brian Z

2 upcoming sessions

I'm a high school student from California, and I'm excited to be a tutor and share my love for math with other students! I have extensive experience with all high school math and math competitions as well. In my free time, I enjoy music, programming, and playing chess.




Zuzanna M


2 upcoming sessions

I'm a high school junior who loves math! In my free time, I enjoy reading, playing the saxophone, and spending time with my dogs.




Mohammad S

2 upcoming sessions

I'm a high school student from India. I love playing football (soccer) and helping people learn.




Abigail C


2 upcoming sessions

Hello! I am in 10th grader from the USA who is currently studying Multi-Variable Calculus and Physics and currently tutoring from Pre-Alg to Statistics! I would love to help people in these areas of Math!! In my free time I love to climb trees, ride my bike, and read story books! Feel free to reach out at any point if you'd like sessions in any of the topic I am certified in and I would gladly help!




Ishwar S

2 upcoming sessions

Hello! I am a high school senior, and I love math and physics. I hope to share my enthusiasm for math here as a Schoolhouse tutor.




Will H

1 upcoming session

I’m a 10th grader and I am here to help tutor for the SAT. 36 ACT 1550 SAT




Abhay D

1 upcoming session

Yo! It's Abhay D 😉 , your chill math guru with a passion for Maths and Physics: A high school senior with a perfect SAT score and owner of non-profit "Quantum Minds" Physics Academy. 🙃 🌠I'm glad to be part of this wondorous community😃, where I can teach what I know, and learn what I don't! Have been tutoring for over 3 years externally, while enjoying a range of activities like computer science 💻⭐, design tech, and a bit of competitive problem solving as well! Armed with a smile and an arsenal of math puns, I can teach in a wide bredth from basic Trignometry 📐and Algebra ➗➕ to complex...




Zachary W

1 upcoming session

I'm a high school student from New York looking forward to helping others and learning new things. I love learning more about the world around me by the second; as an aspiring anesthesiologist, the fields of maths and sciences around us appeal to me most due to their applicability in the real world, allowing us to progress all around. You can often catch me playing chess (1000 ELO at the moment), watching YouTube (subscriptions include but are not limited to: Dhar Mann, MrBeast, Khan Academy, GMHikaru, The Organic Chemistry Tutor, and many more), and having fun with my family!




Sai Ananyu Y

1 upcoming session

Hi! I am Sai Ananyu, a high school student looking to help those who need it! I am interested in Real Estate and all types of architecture including that of homes, schools, and elevations along with biking, playing video games, and hanging out with friends! I decided to join Schoolhouse to connect with the community around me by helping them excel in many class subjects.




David Z

1 upcoming session

A Student / Tutor / Lifelong learner from China, currently going to school in Jakarta, Indonesia. (if you're a friend wondering where and why did I suddenly gone to.




Kaleb S


1 upcoming session

Hi! I'm Kaleb, and I'm currently a homeschooled high school student. I love math, participate regularly in various math competitions like the AMCs and AIME (4x qualifier), and I'm always excited to share this love with others! I also help coach a middle school competitive math team and often discuss math with others. Some of my hobbies include listening to and making music, reading philosophy, gardening, and photography. Here on, I serve as moderator of the Pre-Calculus Subworld, and I'm also a member of the advanced peer review team :)



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