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Claire S


59 upcoming sessions

I am an undergraduate double majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology and Zoology. I am also minoring in Business. I speak 3 languages which are English, German, and Turkish. As a tutor, I am very passionate about helping students reach their full potential in school. I tutor biology, chemistry, writing, German, Turkish, and a variety of AP classes to help students prep for their exams. In my free time, I enjoy crocheting, playing D&D, and watching movies/TV shows.




Tei K

27 upcoming sessions

I am a high school junior in New Jersey. I would like to help others with Biology, Chemistry, and Calculus.




Ariana N


24 upcoming sessions

Hi! I'm a high school student who loves listening to music, reading, baking, and crocheting. I'm currently taking a variety of AP classes so if you want to review any topics, I'm happy to host a session to study together!




Ria D


18 upcoming sessions

I'm a high school graduate from Arizona, and I am so happy to help out here! I have passed 15 AP exams (US Gov, CSP, Lang, Euro, Calc AB, Comp Gov, Biology, Chemistry, Physics 1, Lit, French, Statistics, US History, Seminar, & Research), scoring a 5 on 13 of those exams and a 4 on the other 2. Outside of standardized testing, I love philosophy, design, and I'm learning more about aeronautics! If you have any questions on any of the aforementioned APs, or on the dSAT/PSAT/ACT, please feel free to reach out!:)




Brooke M

16 upcoming sessions

I'm a homeschooled rising senior that loves baking, reading, and writing! I am super excited to be able to help fellow students with all kinds of difficult subjects, and just have some fun. I am currently studying German, AP Calculus, AP Biology, and AP Psychology and I hope to learn so much more as I continue to meet new people here!




Yash J


11 upcoming sessions

I'm a Sophmore enrolled at a public high school in LA! I'm here to help others learn and be as helpful as possible! A little bit about myself - I really enjoy the sciences, music, and writing! In my free time, I’m usually practicing or producing music, cooking/baking, learning languages, or teaching myself something or other! To be fair though, I definitely watch my fair share of Netflix and play an unholy amount of Legend of Zelda 😅. I speak English (natively), French (CEFR 2A), German (CEFR 1B), Hindi (I’m mostly fluent, I speak it at home), and Maithili (I can understand most everything,...




Jack R

11 upcoming sessions

Hello, my name is Jack R. I am a high school student who loves learning helping others. My favorite subjects are math and science along with competing in academic competitions. I am currently a high school sophomore focusing on AP classes. I aspire to become a biomedical researcher and am extremely interested in the world of biology, biochemistry, pharmacology, and research. Feel free to contact me with any questions you have!




Lily D


10 upcoming sessions

Hi, I'm Lily (any pronouns), and I'm a high school senior/college sophomore! I currently live in Washington, but I'm originally from Massachusetts and plan to go back there for university. My favorite subjects are any science, but especially biology, math, and languages. Some of my other interests are drawing, painting, video games, programming, and D&D.




Seoyoung A

9 upcoming sessions

I am a high school student interested in Political Science, History, and Bioethics! I joined the Schoolhouse community for a more studious and friendly environment in which students can share knowledge with each other. I am also a part of my school's varsity basketball team. 🏀




Varun C

8 upcoming sessions

I am an 11th grader who is ready to teach others how to ace the SAT. I have high scores on the SAT and the PSAT, and a background in many other subjects as well.




Saffron S


8 upcoming sessions

Hi! My name is Saffron and I am a high school student here to expand my knowledge and others'. I hope to go into the medical field in the future. /ᐠ - ˕ -マ Ⳋ 🏸




Marina B

6 upcoming sessions

I'm a senior in the USA doing the IBDP program in a boarding school! I'm here for both learning and teaching and happy to be a part of the community!

Ayesha A


6 upcoming sessions

Hii! I'm Ayesha, I'm a junior from Florida! I love to read a wide variety of books (especially thrillers and romance) and I love cats and will pet every cat I see! I'm a current Hospice volunteer, Writer for The Youth Insight and Future Doctor Network and an Editor for the Newsletter Team! Additionally, I tutor various subjects such as Pre-Algebra, Biology and English (Reading & Writing), so send me a message if you would like to some help on any of these topics and I'll be more than happy to help out! :3 😸💚




Sharon V


6 upcoming sessions

I graduated from UC Berkeley in 2021 and received a BA in Molecular and Cell Biology, Immunology! I now work in a neuroanatomy lab and am an incoming medical student (MD/PhD)!




Iman K


5 upcoming sessions

I’m a rising high school senior here to improve in anything and everything. In my free time, I enjoy reading books, drawing, making ceramics, cooking, and tutoring people here at Schoolhouse and at my school in various subjects. Please feel free to reach out for any help! :)




Chloe C


4 upcoming sessions

Hello, my name is Chloe! I have 15 hours of tutoring on Upchieve and Learn To Be! I am a rising senior in high school taking various AP courses. My hobbies are reading, baking, and volunteering.




Claire A

4 upcoming sessions

I am a homeschooler in 12th grade. I took the SAT a couple years ago so that I could enroll in the local Junior College as a dual enrollment student. Now I have almost earned my associates degree! I like math and medicine. I am a second-degree black belt in karate, and I play piano. I have two dogs, a bird, and a cat.




Nancy J

3 upcoming sessions

I'm a rising high school senior from the SF Bay Area! I have taken (and hopefully passed) AP Chem, AP Psychology, AP Lang, AP Bio, AP Calc BC :( , AP Euro-5, and AP Chinese-5 and also have experience with the SAT. I am also pretty solid on algebra, geo, trig, counting/probability, and precalc (specifically familiar with the AoPS curriculum; AMC 8 Honor Roll). I'm planning on taking the courses AP Physics 1, APES, AP Macro, AP Gov, AP Stats and the AP Latin and AP Music Theory test next year. I hope I can find some help for physics and Latin specifically on this platform. Also, any anatomy+o...




Misheel M


3 upcoming sessions

I'm a rising senior from Mongolia who just gave her AS level exams in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Geography in the M/J session. I'm quite confident in these subjects and I'm willing to help out anyone else who is also giving IGCSE or AS levels!




James P


2 upcoming sessions

Hi, I am an 11th grade bilingual student from Taiwan, deeply captivated by the realms of biology and medicine. Over the years, I have devoted myself to pursuing knowledge in these fields. Recognizing the challenges that many encounter while studying academic subjects, I am genuinely eager to offer my assistance. My aspiration is to transform the learning experience into an engaging and enjoyable journey for all. Subjects I can teach includes AP level biology, chemistry, physics, history, Chinese and some Japanese. I am the current moderator of the biology sub world. For most of my sessions, le...




Kush K

2 upcoming sessions

Hello! I'm Kush a junior in high school. I love helping you prepare for the AP Chemistry exam and helping you to better understand chemistry. I love to swim and read a lot about the sciences.




Kate R

1 upcoming session

Hi! I am a high schooler and biology is my great passion. I am excited to give help in an engaging style with active learning because I want more people to be interested in Biology, Chemistry and other ways of studying this world - planet Earth and beyond! My other interests are music (listening and playing violin) and various sports (currently I do surfing and taekwon-do).




Muaz A

1 upcoming session

I'm a high school student and I love playing soccer and chess.




Shaurya S


1 upcoming session

I am an 8th grader from Orlando, FL. I am here to learn and help others as well. I would like to get into an Ivy League one day. I like to play basketball, watch Netflix, and do science experiments.



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