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Experimental Series


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Starting Soon

Join a series to learn, practice, and study Experimental regularly with other learners like you.

Experimental · Series

AP Biology help

    3rd session

Every week I will host a session to help you with AP Biology. From specific questions to broad topics, I will do my best to assist you in your AP Biology journey :) Right now the series only lasts for four weeks, but if there is interest I will add more sessions.

Joely S


Experimental · Series

👩 Human Anatomy and Physiology 👨

    30th session

Hey, welcome to this series about Human Anatomy and Physiology! In this series I want to cover the basics first and then go into following body systems: The Integumentary System (the skin) The Skeletal System The Muscular System The Nervous System The Cardiovascular System (Heart & blood vessels) The Respiratory System The Digestive System The Lymphatic System (Immunity) The Endocrine System The Urinary System Reproductive System As you can see there's a lot to cover! So it will take a long time to teach all of these. I am going to go into depth for each one of these systems. Prerequisites: High school level biology completed or another class of similar level. Also high school level chemistry or another class of similar level is recommended but not needed * More sessions will be added

Nitya D

10 spots left!

Experimental · Series

Biology Tutor Session

    39th session

During the session, you can participate in a variety of activities and work through practice problems and problem sets to improve. We may go over your readings and assignments together to make sure you fully understand everything. I'll give concise explanations of biological ideas and concepts to help you better comprehend. We can go into greater detail about any particular subjects or regions you'd like to concentrate on, resolving any difficulties you might have. (Now since its during the summer so our session will be more flexible, for instance I can teach on topics including chemistry, algebra, history, physics, Chinese, and Japanese.) So for any need you can reach out to me.

James P

3 spots left!

Experimental Sessions


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Starting Soon

Register for a session to review specific Experimental topics with a small group of learners.

Experimental · session

Homeostasis/cell cycle


Muaz A


Experimental · session

PHOTOSYNTHESIS (From the Ground Up) (AP, GCSE, A Level)

Targeted groups

High school students

GCSE or IGCSE Biology students

AS Level or A Level Biology students

AP biology students

College Biology 1st and 2nd year students


🌿 Explore the fascinating microscopic world of PHOTOSYNTHESIS with this one-off online session! Whether you’re navigating GCSE, A level, High school, or AP Biology, all students are welcomed to unravel the mysteries of this crucial process. Join me for an engaging session where you’ll have the opportunity to grasp the intricacies of photosynthesis, from its fundamental principles to advanced concepts.

🪴We will first focus on a generalised summary of the process, outlining the requirements and conditions needed for the reaction before heading into the microscopic realm within the chloroplast. Exploring photosystems, electron-transport-chains and the Calvin-cycle, we will understand how photosynthesis ultimately results in the storage of energy from the sun within the bonds of glucose molecules, ready to be transferred along the food chain.

🍃Whether you are revising for an upcoming test, learning about the process for the first time or simply want to update your memory on photosynthesis, join me for an interactive, fun session where you can ask any questions you want and have your doubts cleared!


Pearson International A level Biology- student book 2

Pearson Biology: a global approach (12th edition)

E. O. Wilson's Life on Earth- Unit 2

Ravindu L


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