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Special topics in Science, Computer Science, and more! We're still experimenting and do not yet offer formal tutoring certification for these topics.

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Experimental Series


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Starting Soon

Join a series to learn, practice, and study Experimental regularly with other learners like you.

Experimental · Series

IGCSE Biology full revision


We will rush through the entire igcse biology course in 4 sessions of 2 hours each. We will also do past paper questions. All learners are expected to have studied the topics.

Ashwin A

Registration full.

Experimental · Series

Genetics & Heredity

    2nd session

Welcome! In this series we will be going over the different sections of genetics and heredity: 1. Meiosis & Life Cycles 2. Mendelian Genetics 3. Chromosomal and Molecular Inheritance 4. Gene Expression and Regulation 5. DNA tools and Biotechnology Each session will be interactive, and we will be practicing solving genetics problems (Pedigree, Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium, etc). Feel free to ask questions at any time! We will be covering a lot of information in each session, so prior knowledge of genetics and heredity is helpful but not required.

Sara G


Experimental · Series

Science [ For Adult Learners]

    20th session

In this series we will cover basic topics needed for the preparation of Hi-Set (Science) Exam. There are 4 main areas where this Exam focusses on : 1. Science Inquiry and Skills (Designing, analysing, evaluating and interpreting data in Research) 2.Earth and Space Science (Earth, Weather and Natural Disasters, Changes in Earth, Environment, Space, Moon and Solar system) 3. Physical Science (Atom, Molecules, Changes, Matter, Energy & its Transfer, Motion and Force & work ) 4. Life Science (Cells &its Functions, Plant &its metabolism, Animals, Human Body, Health, Organism, Heredity, Evolution, Ecosystem, Food webs & Symbiotic relationships) Each session in this series will be for half an hour and in each session we will go-over a couple keywords ( critical words that explain an individual concept, for example to understand atom, we need to learn about Protons, Neutrons and Electrons, here Protons, Neutrons and Electrons are the keywords) that will help us understand a concept and track our progress. We will have frequent assessments and tests to help us build a good foundation. *I created a classroom for this series and here is the code for it : 9MM4GS *There is no particular pattern for the syllabus, so if you want to clear up a topic feel free to message me. *The time and dates are not fixed. * We will learn about these topics one by one :

Jennifer J


Experimental Sessions


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Starting Soon

Register for a session to review specific Experimental topics with a small group of learners.

Experimental · session


We'll first start on a brief introductory to cell parts and then we will play some games including Protobowl!

Saurish A


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