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Experimental Series


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Join a series to learn, practice, and study Experimental regularly with other learners like you.

Experimental · Series



Hello everyone!!! As many learners have asked me, I decided to do question solution days in the subjects I have a certificate for! In this serie, in order for me to include your questions in my lesson slides, you need to send me the questions you have difficulty in doing before the lesson :)

Ilayda G


Experimental · Series

Introducing Ecological Biology


In this series, we will get into some of the base topics of biology. Covering topics like evolution and adaptation, natural selection, environmental relations, and more. We will use tools like prepared lessons, review Khan Academy quizzes and practice tests, learning games, and more to help teach base topics. No prior knowledge is necessary, as this is an introductory course.

Julia S


Experimental · Series

Introduction to Oncogenes (Cancer)


We will be covering various topics regarding oncogenes on a cellular and molecular level! I recommend you take taken either high school biology or AP Biology for this class, I do not plan on reviewing cellular functions and basic biology. However, if you feel comfortable with diving straight in to oncology, please review the sessions for this series and join :)

Aarohi S

2 spots left!

Experimental · Series

Human Anatomy and Physiology

    2nd session

Hey, welcome to this series about Human Anatomy and Physiology! In this series I want to cover the basics first and then go into following body systems: The Integumentary System (the skin) The Skeletal System The Muscular System The Nervous System The Cardiovascular System The Respiratory System The Digestive System The Lymphatic System The Urinary System The Endocrine System The Reproductive System As you can see there's a lot to cover! So it will take a long time to teach all of these. I am planning to go into depth for each one of these systems. Prerequisites: High school level biology completed or another class of similar level. Also high school level chemistry or another class of similar level is recommended but not needed * More sessions will be added

Nitya D

1 spot left!

Experimental Sessions


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Starting Soon

Register for a session to review specific Experimental topics with a small group of learners.

Experimental · session


We will go over DNA structure and replication, the cell cycle (mitosis as well as meiosis), the 4 biological macromolecules (carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, nucleic acids) cell signaling, and cellular respiration. This is a hodgepodge of different topics, so feel free to come and go as needed! It will also be a bit of a longer session (around 2 hours), and might be extended if the need arises. Of course, you don't have to stay for the topics that you do not need, but hopefully you choose to stick around and learn something new!

Bhavya N


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