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Computer Science

Computer Science

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Introduction to Machine Learning with Python!

Hello, my name is Rohan! I have experience with machine learning, and I have conducted multiple research projects on the subject. This course is intended for beginners who want to learn the fundamentals of Python and machine learning. We will have sessions starting May 10th. Sessions and times are flexible, so please message me if you want to change dates/times. Topics we will cover include Python, machine learning concepts, and finally, integrating both! No programming experience is required, and I hope to see you there!

Rohan A


Learn JavaScript through Gaming: Bitburner


Learn how to use programming logic to play the web browser version of Bitburner, a game where you act as a hacker and write scripts to maximize efficiency.

Programming skills covered:
- If/else statements
- Arrays
- Loops
- Recursion

We'll work from the ground up, so no coding experience is required. Even if you already know how to code, I'd still recommend trying Bitburner out with us because it's a really fun way to flex your programming/thinking muscles!

Helena H


Deep Dive into Convolution Nueral Networks (CNN)!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Deep Dive into Convolution Neural Networks. In this series, I will teach you how to program your own convolution neural network (CNN) through Python and I will explain how convolution neural networks work, by providing a full outline on how the layers of the model function and a introduction into backpropagation. I want everyone to think of a image recognition problem that they want to solve before joining this series, as this series will be tailored to each individual's needs, based on the project they choose. Please keep in mind that we are strictly only working with CNNs, so do not choose a project that would involve a different type of model. Finally, at the end of this series I will provide a through explanation of how to choose and prepare a project that will get you to the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), as I was given the oppourtunity to compete this year! Hope to see you soon!

NOTE: we will be using Replit and GitHub through this process. I recommend having a laptop where you can save and quickly access files, if you want to be able to deploy your CNN as a website (which we may cover this this series as well).

Diya R

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