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Can I participate as a learner if my SAT score is 700 or above in each section?

The SAT Bootcamp curriculum has been developed to best support learners who are currently in the 200-690 score range for each section. Reading and Writing being one and Math being the other. While you could still participate in an SAT Bootcamp, you may find the material covered to be less helpful. We instead recommend that you consider joining an SAT Prep Series where some tutors are focused on helping their learners score closer to an 800.

By scoring a 700+ on the SAT / PSAT, you may also be eligible to become an SAT Bootcamp Tutor! Just submit documentation of your qualifying SAT score (e.g., 750+ in Math, 700+ in R&W) to get certified and you'll be eligible to tutor in all future SAT Bootcamps!

Updated on: 04/04/2023

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