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What resources can I use if I can’t register for a bootcamp?

If you are unable to register for a bootcamp, here are a couple of other excellent free resources you can use to prepare for your test:
Khan Academy has partnered with the College Board to provide free SAT prep & practice tests:
Unaffiliated with Schoolhouse, professional tutor Mike Settele has created free explanation videos for every problem on every official SAT practice test:
Schoolhouse tutors often run informal SAT prep sessions and series. To stay in the loop about these, go to and click "Follow."
YouTube where you can find lots of tips from students who have taken the SAT in the past and you can also find full length practice tests
If you are able to invest financially, you can always get the Official SAT Study Guide textbook which offers lots of amazing tips and practice tests

Updated on: 16/02/2023

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