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Brook M

Joined Oct 2022 · He/Him


Hi, I'm a junior from Ethiopia. I mainly teach Algebra I, but I also host a quantum computing series.


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Upcoming Sessions

Math Quest: Unlocking Pre-Algebra Puzzles

    66th session
I understand the math can be frustrating for many people, but once your grasp it’s concept, it becomes much more manageable. Personally, I’m passionate about teaching math in an engaging and useful manner, making them both interesting and helpful for others.

James P and 3 others


Learn Programming with Python!

    12th session
In this comprehensive course, we'll go deep into the foundational concepts of Python, ensuring a good understanding of each topic. As we explore the language's core elements, you'll also have the opportunity to apply your knowledge through a series of practical challenges, enhancing your coding proficiency and problem-solving skills.

Susmit D and Brook M

Registration full.

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5 stars!!! ^-^ Brook is super helpful. He's patient and kind, never making you feel bad for not understanding something or wanting more of an explanation. He has formulas on hand that made the math a lot easier. Super great teacher, anyone who's helped by him will come out of the tutoring session very grateful and able to understand the math.

Learner · 2 mo. ago

Thank you so much for the session! Well explained and very nice! :)

Learner · 2 mo. ago

Thanks so much!!!

Learner · 2 mo. ago

Literally the best, very fun to learn with, and explains everything so clearly.

Learner · 4 mo. ago


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The Science of Sleep

Learn about the science of sleep, why it matters, and how to improve it!

Brook M on June 15, 2023 peer tutoring, for free.


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