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Jason W

Joined Jan 2024 · He/Him


Hi, my name is Jason! I am a high school freshman who is extremely caring and dedicated to my learners here. I am a tutor in the history, R&W, enrichment subworlds. I am also a former (maybe I don't know yet) tutor for UPchieve who was a tutor there since December 14th 2023. I know what it's like to have trouble understanding a concept in a class I am having trouble in math class so I want to help you understand the concepts in history and english classes. Don't be afraid to DM me at any time I will surely reply in 24 ⌛hours. I follow through when I say I'll do something.

Here is a song lyric I like

"When the sun shines we shine together, say I'll always be your friend ima stick out to the end"


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Upcoming Sessions

PSSA's (state testing) study group

i will be helping learners and tutors who are taking state required testing ( PSSA's and the CAASSP's..... ETC) are state requirements to graduate from high school and for school's in the state of Pennsylvania also have the KEYSTONE's test for high school students which is a REQUIREMENT to graduate

so I will be hosting a study group to assist in your preparations for the test's both learners and tutors are welcome to attend and hopefully all who attend will pass

please do not bring a phone or headphones/airbuds

Please bring one device (device you will be joining the session from
a calculator
a pencil/pen
and a notebook

Jason W


Enrichment · Session

Health studies

i will be teaching about health and the body

i will not be talking about men's problems or women's problems

i will only be talking about the heart lungs and organs and skin and what happens with the body after death

p lease sign up if you are taking a health class in high school and or planning on being a med student

Jason W


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Thank you for this session! Even though I had to leave early, what I experienced in the beginning was great and appreciate the help

Learner · 28 days ago


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