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Pranav K

Joined Apr 2022 · He/Him


Hey everyone, I'm Pranav, a junior from Virginia! I've loved math and programming since middle school, so why not tutor them? If you don't find me binge-watching YouTube, then you'll find me out on a volleyball or tennis court (my 2 favorite sports!). I hope I'll get the chance to meet you guys in some of my sessions!

Take a look at my programming portfolio:


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Upcoming Sessions

Full Web-Development Bootcamp: Learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript


The full BEGINNER frontend guide! We will learn 3 of the most important languages to begin your frontend journey! Throughout this course, you'll learn web development languages to help you build projects like a recipe book, calculator, landing page, portfolio, and much much more! We'll be learning the following three languages: HTML - To display content on your websites CSS - To help style your websites JavaScript - to build the interactivity of your websites This course will also assign projects every one or two weeks. These projects are optional, but they are a good way to test your skills! The next class after the project being assigned, those who chose to complete it, can choose to present their project. Hope to see you there! All you need is a computer. I will help you set up a code editor of your choice (there will be multiple options depending on how powerful your computer is). Personally, I have a ton of experience with web-development and am super excited to teach you guys! My programming portfolio: A web-app I've built:

Pranav K


Featured Feedback


Thank you for everything in the last 6 weeks. I'm so grateful for your tutoring, it was really helpful and I understood a lot. You're so patient, kind, and understanding. I hope to be in any of your future series, if I need it. Thank you!

Learner · 4 mo. ago

Pranav is awesome! He TRULY wants his students to understand and do well. He stayed late, created extra resources and shared his tips/tricks for the entire SAT Math section. Very thoughtful, caring and helpful!

Learner · 4 mo. ago

Great tutor, sad to finally end this series. Thank you for your precious time

Learner · 4 mo. ago

Thank you for the amazing SAT series.

Learner · 4 mo. ago


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