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Urjit A

Joined May 2021 · He/Him


I am a junior in high school.

I like to study math and computer science and I hope to spread that knowledge to others.


Mar 2022 - Present

United States of America







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Upcoming Sessions

AP® Review · Series

AP Computer Science A Review for AP Exam


We will do a comprehensive review of APCSA. We will review a topic of APCSA with MCQs and FRQs! Prerequisite: Join this series only if you are taking the course or the exam. It's imperative that there is space for people who want to get a 4 or 5 on the AP Exam.

Urjit A

Registration full.

Calculus · Series

Calculus I and II Comprehensive Review


In this course, we will be reviewing concepts of Calculus. It doesn't matter whether you are taking AP or College Calculus, or want to learn Calculus in general. This course is for you! Note: This course isn't for people taking AB/BC this year, due to the timing. Rather it's for people who want to learn Calculus, people who are taking AB/BC Calculus next year, or people self studying.

Urjit A


Featured Feedback


Hey Urjit, I hope that you’re doing well! I just had the pleasure of auditing your series session on Java programming, and thought you did a great job hosting. You communicated extremely well with your learner, providing insight and guiding them through problems by continuously talking to them, which was wonderful. Moreover, you taught the concepts of Java extremely well. By having your learner actively participate during all three hours of your session, utilizing College Board resources, screen sharing an online IDE while programming, and utilizing a whiteboard to make concepts more abstract, you made your session incredibly effective and easy to follow. Thank you for volunteering here on Schoolhouse, I hope that you continue to! Feel free to reach out to me, Anthony B, on Slack if you ever have any questions or concerns. Have a nice day!

Tutor · 6 mo. ago

Urjit is simply the best. He goes above and beyond to make sure his students grasp Java programming.

Learner · 6 mo. ago

Amazing session, Urjit. Throughout the session you were so patient clearing the doubts of the learners. This was very interactive session. Well done !! Have a great day !! ~ Jennifer J

Tutor · 6 mo. ago

Hello Urjit! You did a great job teaching your learners. Your presentation was very informative and I really liked that you showed your learners how to apply what they learned immediately after you taught it to them. Great job! Feel free to reach out to me (Maya Behura) if you have any questions!

Tutor · 6 mo. ago



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