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Refresh your math skills this summer!
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Khan Academy Crash Courses

Learning is more fun together! Join small-group tutoring sessions to master a Khan Academy unit in two weeks. Currently offered in Algebra 1 and Pre-calculus.

How to Participate


Check what you already know

Complete this quick quiz to see which units you want to learn or re-learn. Screenshot your results.


Find a crash course

Browse the crash courses below to find a course covering one of the units you want to learn.


Sign up!

Each crash course just takes two weeks to complete, so you'll have the chance to sign up for more than one over the summer if you'd like.

Find a Crash Course

Pre-Calculus · Series

Khan Academy - Trigonometry

    2nd session

When we think of trigonometry (trig), we might be overwhelmed, And for good reason—we've got three new operations, and π shows up everywhere (and not for the area or circumference of a circle)! If you relate, then this Trigonometry series would be just right for you! These are simply the basics, but they will provide a great foundation for harder mathematics courses, such as calculus courses (AP and college). Most of all, they serve as a good way to ease into the world of trig. I will be basing my curriculum on the Khan Academy Precalculus Trigonometry unit (, so feel free to peruse the catalog if your curiosity is nagging at you. I'm looking forward to meeting and learning with you all throughout the duration of this series! ADDENDUM: I apologize for any scheduling inconveniences that this series may have caused, especially as it is later in the day.

Daphne Q

Registration closed.

Pre-Calculus · Series

Khan Academy Complex Numbers


As imaginary as complex numbers might initially seem, they are extremely useful in advanced math and engineering courses and are well worth understanding. Join me to gain a solid grasp on complex numbers and to learn how to use them to solve problems and better manipulate trigonometry. We'll be working through the Khan Academy unit here: which you are free to look into in advance to see if you are interested in joining the series, or if you just want to get a head start. Not only will we cover the fundamentals in this crash course, but I'll also teach you cool applications and tricks and provide support for any of your questions along the way. I'm excited to join you as you embark on learning the fascinating topic of complex numbers.

Erik U

Registration full.

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Have fun, learn something new, and make friends from all across the planet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a free, peer-to-peer tutoring platform by Sal Khan, founder of Khan Academy. In addition to the Khan Academy crash courses, Schoolhouse offers 1-on-1 homework help in high school math,small-group bootcamps in standardized test prep, Summer Camp and more!

Are these free?

Yes! We are a non-profit organization, and all tutors are volunteers.

Are there crash courses beyond Algebra 1 and Pre-Calculus?

Because this offering is new, we're starting with just two courses. However, we hope to expand across all high school math courses down the line!

How long is each crash course?

Each series is typically two weeks long, with two main sessions each week and one catchup session. If you find the topics easy, you can get ahead and finish the final unit test early.

Is there homework?

Nope, all the magic happens in the live sessions! Of course, you can choose to review the Khan Academy unit materials if you want additional practice.

What can I expect from a crash course session?

Sessions will typically have 3-5 students, led by a volunteer peer tutor. In each session, your tutor will walk you through key concepts, then lead the group to work on practice problems together. If you have any questions, your tutor will be right there to clear things up!

Who are the tutors?

Series are run by trained, certified volunteers (mostly high school students!) who want to give back to their community by helping others learn. peer tutoring, for free.


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