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What if my tutor doesn't show up or my bootcamp gets cancelled?

If you experience a Tutor No-Show where the Zoom meeting for your session never starts OR your bootcamp gets cancelled entirely, we first want to say that we're incredibly sorry!

You should receive an email (at the one under your Schoolhouse account) with instructions on how to proceed. If your tutor repeatedly no-shows or cancels the entire series, then we recommend signing up for another series at this link.

We understand that it's incredibly frustrating to signup for a series only for it to not happen. That being said, please empathize with our tutors - no-shows / cancellations are incredibly rare and usually happen because the tutor had an extenuating circumstance (they are humans as well after all!).

In addition, we will also be hosting future bootcamps that we hope you can attend.

Updated on: 14/05/2024

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