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What happens to the Zoom recordings from the tutoring sessions?

Why are sessions recorded?

All Zoom sessions are recorded and reviewed regularly for both quality and safety purposes. Quality issues are escalated to our tutor coach team, who step in to help coach tutors who need extra support.

Who has access to the recordings and for what purposes?

Quality and Safety — Zoom recordings are reviewed by employees and certain volunteer teams (Peer Review, Mentor/Coach, Safety, etc.) to ensure tutoring standards and safety on the platform. After 30 days, these Zoom recordings are automatically deleted.
Tutor Feedback— Transcripts of these Zoom sessions and the associated chat logs are also kept and shared with the specific tutor to provide them feedback on their tutoring session. For instance, we automatically track how much time the tutor talks vs. the learners talk, and we share these insights with the tutor so that they can improve going forward. These transcripts and chat logs may also be accessed by employees reviewing overall session quality on the platform. After 3 years, these transcripts and chat logs are deleted.
(When Applicable) Research — In certain parts of the platform where we are conducting a research study (namely, in the SAT Bootcamps and middle school partnerships), audio recordings, de-identified transcripts, and de-identified chat logs from the Zoom tutoring sessions are securely shared with researchers that Schoolhouse has collaborated with to study peer tutoring. More details are provided to users in these research contexts, and users have the ability to opt out of this data sharing for research purposes.

If you have further questions, please email [email protected].

Can learners see recordings from tutoring sessions?

Unfortunately no. For privacy reasons, we can't share these recordings beyond the specific purposes outlined above. Learn more here.

Updated on: 23/06/2024

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