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What am I not permitted to do while hosting sessions?

While you are hosting sessions, you are not permitted to do the following in accordance with our content policy:

1. Endanger or compromise the well-being of learners, whether intended or not — this includes both physical and mental health, as well as financial outcomes.

2. Exclude learners, or divide learners based on their beliefs.

3. Share information whose accuracy is questioned by experts. — while there is no universally accepted standard for “truth”, moderators will decide if there is sufficient uncertainty surrounding a topic to merit removing a session.

4. Share opinions or advice that are not grounded in experience — such advice would be counterproductive to one’s learning.

5. Advertise other services — Exceptions may be made in select cases when it benefits the learner and the team has given prior permission.

6. Violate copyright laws — tutors should limit the use of third-party, copyrighted material.

Updated on: 21/08/2022

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