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How do I provide feedback to a tutor as a learner?

After every session you attend ends, a feedback window will appear on your dashboard that will ask you to provide feedback for your tutor. The feedback window will ask you:

Please keep in mind that the feedback window can only be found after the session has ended

Rating of the session: Super Helpful, Helpful, Not Helpful
Tell Us More Section: you can select multiple different adjectives (the words you can choose from change based on your rating of the session)
Optional section to leave feedback for the tutor and elaborate on the session you attended: we highly recommend you put something in this section, so your tutor knows how they are doing and knows how to improve, if necessary. Even a comment of encouragement can go a long way!
Numerical rating of how likely you would be to recommend the tutor's sessions to a friend: 0-10, not shared with the tutor
Optional section to leave internal feedback: not shared with the tutor

Here is an example:

Note: you can report a safety issue with that session by clicking on the flag in the top right corner of the feedback window

Updated on: 25/06/2024

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