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Can I join a meeting on two devices?

Yes, you can join a meeting on two devices! This is helpful for sharing your screen and paying attention to your learners, as well as annotating. Some helpful steps are included below:
Sign into your Schoolhouse account, and join your meeting on both devices.
You will see the option to either stay cohost or reclaim host. You will need to select "remain co-host."
The other thing to note is that you can only be connected to audio on one device, otherwise you'll have an echo. To do this, you can select audio settings on your laptop and select "disconnect computer audio". On your tablet, disconnecting audio is under the "more" tab.
If you are hosting on an Apple computer and joining with an Apple iPad, these steps are for you.
Connect your iPad (this works with iPhone too!) to your Mac with a USB cable.
Select "Trust" on any Trust Computer prompts you receive.
Open an app called QuickTime Player (in the "Other" folder on the app screen, or in the Applications folder, whichever is easier). Right-click with mouse (or control-click with trackpad) and select "New Movie Recording" from the popup. Your webcam will open.
Click the "down arrow" to the right of the red Record button. Provided your iPad is properly connected, your iPad's name will show up in the Screens category in the popup.

Updated on: 09/05/2023

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