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Need free college app support? Deadline Hotline is here to help.

With college application deadlines approaching, andCollege Guidance Network are collaborating with admissions experts to answer your pressing, last-minute questions ahead of December deadlines. Join a FREE Zoom event with admissions deans and high school counselors from across the country to get real-time support before you hit the submit button on your apps.

There are no upcoming Deadline Hotline events at the moment. If you're interested in a future event, sign up for the mailing list and stay tuned for updates!

Deadline Hotline

How it Works


Join the Zoom room

When the Deadline Hotline is live on November 29th from 3pm to 6pm PT, click the "Join Zoom Event" button to enter—no prior registration required. Before entering the Zoom room, you"ll also review key guidelines that will help you have a smooth experience.


Ask your question(s)

"How should I order my extracurricular activities?" "Should I submit or withhold my test scores?" "How do I list a dual-enrollment class?"Request help with a specific question about your college applications by writing it in the Q&A box or raising your hand in Zoom!


Get answers from experts

Once it"s your turn, our panel of admissions deans and high school counselors will spend a few minutes answering your question. Need more help? Join the queue again by submitting another question to the Q&A and raising your hand.

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We're here for you this college application season. Sign up below to get reminders for our first virtual event on November 29th. peer tutoring, for free.


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