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What topics does schoolhouse.world offer tutoring in?

What do I do if I’m not in a U.S. time zone?

Am I allowed to join sessions if I’m under 13?

How are sessions kept safe from bad actors?

How long are sessions?

How many learners are in each session?

Do sessions cost anything?

Do I have to turn my camera on in the Zoom session?

How did schoolhouse.world start?


Who are the tutors on schoolhouse.world?

Do I need any prior experience to become a tutor?

How big of a time commitment is tutoring?


What are the benefits of earning schoolhouse.world tutor certifications?

What am I allowed to use while I’m getting certified?

How does the tutor certification process work?

What happens when peer reviewers flag a submission?

How long will it take to find out if I’m certified or not?

What if I don’t earn 90%––can I try again?

Cheating & fairness

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What steps are taken to avoid implicit bias in assessment?

How is cheating prevented?

How does schoolhouse.world verify someone's identity?

What happens if someone cheats?

Can I peer review my friends?


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Why do I need to share my date of birth and school?

How will my privacy be maintained if other users are reviewing my submission?


What do I do if Loom is banned in my country?

What if I have a disability that prevents me from following one or more of the certification guidelines?